Witness the power of Mother Nature-- while staying high & dry-- from the Aerie's Winery deck.

With the recent rains, Grafton and the surrounding area may soon once again experience high water-related inconveniences. Please know that Aerie's Resort will remain open during any temporary road closures.

Our registration office, Aerie’s Landing, sits at the southwest corner of the Main (Route 100) and Market (Route 3) Street intersection in downtown Grafton. When water covers the road anywhere along these primary routes, the Illinois Department of Transportation may post “Road Closed” barricades at the entrances to Grafton, and “Local Traffic Only” detour signs approaching the Main & Market intersection.

Fortunately, the Aerie's property serves as the local “flood road”, bridging upper and lower Grafton and allowing businesses not directly affected by the water to remain open. This emergency detour is also the “back way” to Aerie’s hilltop amenities: the Winery, Terrace, and Lodging.

If our downtown registration office is inaccessible due to IDOT barricades, an alternative check-in location will be available for Lodging guests. Please inquire at the Winery, or call the Lodging office at (618) 786-8439 to confirm check-in procedures.

Should the high water force temporary road closures on the Meeting of the Great Rivers Scenic Byway (the River Road) between downtown Alton into Grafton, the alternate route to Aerie's would be to take Route 3 north through Alton and Godfrey, and on into Jersey County. If you are unfamiliar with how to get to Route 3 from downtown Alton, your phone’s navigation app should be able to provide the best directions, or please feel free to give us a call. 

If you're coming from north/west St. Louis County, please note that Highway 67 may be reduced from four lanes to two, with southbound traffic into St. Charles & St. Louis Counties temporarily diverted to the normal northbound-only lane at the south end of the Clark Bridge.

Whether you're following the Main Street detours in Grafton, or coming in from Godfrey or Jerseyville via Market Street, either way you'll cross the creek at Washington Street and follow it around to the "back way".

As noted previously, smartphone navigation apps such as Google Maps can assist with getting to Grafton during road closures. However, please note that these apps do not detail the entire alternate route to Aerie’s hilltop amenities. Google’s "known road" abruptly ends a short distance after Washington Street crosses Distillery Hollow creek; apparently the Google "Map-Mobile" has never driven all the way up our hill.

On the Google Maps route, where Washington Street is labeled "Adventure", you'll enter our event parking area, with our three Valley Cottages on the right. Just past the third cottage, hang a sharp left onto the paved road and head up the first leg of our very long hill. This short but steep road curves to the right at the top, and then intersects with Timber Ridge Drive. Turn right and keep going up, up, up until you get to the very top.

Once you've made it this far, you're home free. Aerie's Lodge sits in the crook of a hairpin turn at the very top of the hill, and the Winery is 1500 feet further down the road that runs behind the Lodge.

If you're on the road and having problems finding us, don't hesitate to call (618) 786-7477 (Winery), or (618) 786-8439 (Lodging), and we'll talk you in.