Six years ago, Chef Jerrick King began working at Aerie’s Resort with no experience in professional kitchens; today he proudly carries the title of Head Chef and announces our new menu. We sat down with him to get a deeper insight into the new menu and what you can expect when you stop by the winery. Continuing reading our article for the interview.

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What Inspired the New Menu?
“Food and taste are constantly evolving, so we’re always looking to change our menu and keep the dishes, flavors, and textures fresh and exciting. Since we’re a seasonal business, we want to make sure our food is reflective of the time of year, so we’re going to continue to alter our menu throughout the year.”

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Has the Philosophy of the Menu Changed?
“No, not at all. We’re still keeping our ‘small plates’ philosophy, because the food is meant to be shared, especially with wine. Being able to share food and wine with friends is a great experience, it makes dining interactive and social.”

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How Does the Menu Work With Your Wine List?
“Our sommelier, Alex Fischer, is a gifted and extremely knowledgeable young man. We worked together to create a wine list that complements our new food menu. He has trained our serving staff to understand our wines and how they pair with our menu, so whenever you sit down you’ll be able to find a vintage that works with your palate and our cuisine.”

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What Can We Expect from the New Menu?
“We partner with family-owned vendors to bring ingredients sourced from local farms in Illinois and Missouri. This means you’re getting fresh, quality ingredients in every dish. We’ve also started daily and weekend specials, allowing myself and Chef Terry Frank to get creative and cook unique dishes from hyper-seasonal and rare ingredients.”

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What Are Your Favorite Dishes? 
“Now that’s a tough one. I’m really proud of the blackened duck breast, as not many kitchens around here are using duck in their dishes. The Ima Hogg sandwich makes its return to our menu, with some additions of course. We’ve added bacon and brown sugar glazed onions to this signature sandwich. Finally, I’m also really proud of our pesto pasta. We combine blackened salmon, any type of noodle, zucchini, squash, roasted red peppers, and pesto cream sauce to make a rich pasta dish.”

Stop by the winery for your chance to try our new food menu and enjoy an interactive dining experience with your family and friends. Click here to check out our new menu!