Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or a cozy staycation, Aerie’s Resort always has something exciting in store. From wine, to delicious food, to breathtaking views, what more could you possibly need? A SkyTour, that’s what. Coming this spring, Aeries Resort will be home to the second fixed-grip gondola/chair lift in North America. Our SkyTour provides an unforgettable experience, and will be a year round attraction for the resort. Find out why you have to hop aboard this unforgettable Riverbend experience!


1. But what is the SkyTour?

Great question, let us explain. When you arrive for your adventure, you’ll be able to go straight up the hill in the ride of your choice. The SkyTour will have four clusters of three gondola cabins and in between those clusters, there will be 15 open-air three-person seats. This transportation provides a unique way to get off the ground and take in the beautiful views of Grafton, Illinois.


2. It’s an experience unlike anywhere else in the Midwest.

Did we mention this is only the second attraction of its kind in the United States? Buckle up, folks, because this is one ride you can’t catch just anywhere. This attraction isn’t just about Aerie’s Resort, it’s about the whole town of Grafton. Along with the SkyTour, we are putting a shuttle system in place which the city is going to contribute the space for. We’re going to have 800 more parking spaces in town which will help local businesses and visitors like you!


3. Breathtaking views are waiting.

If we haven’t convinced you to take a ride yet, you’ll want to hear about the incredible views to take in on the way up. By the end of February our support towers will be in place, dotting the hillside up to the river bluff views at 2,600 feet. While on the SkyTour, you’ll see the confluence of the Illinois and Mississippi rivers. This year-round experience gives you the opportunity to see the green of the spring, hillside flowers of the summer, changing leaves in the fall, and snow covered hills in the winter like never before.4.


4. It’s the only lift that delivers you directly to a winery.

The only thing better than a SkyTour is a SkyTour that takes you straight to wine. Your gondola ride will end at the doorstep of The Winery at Aerie’s Resort. You can taste our delicious seasonal wines and pair your beverages with one of our award-winning chef’s creations.


5. Everything at the top is worth the wait.

Air. Water. Wine. All the necessities of life, and all in abundance at end of your SkyTour. We’ll bring you up, then blow you away with award-winning wines, fine dining, live entertainment, and breathtaking views. Whether you’re here for a relaxing getaway, or an exciting weekend of ziplining above scenic hills, the perfect escape is waiting for you.

You can stay up to date on any town events by visiting the City of Grafton’s website. To follow the progress of the new SkyTour or, to book your stay, visit aeriesview.com. Happy sightseeing to you and yours!