So, you think that you know all that there is to know about ziplines, do you? You know that they go real fast and are a lot of fun, what more is there? Well, as luck would have it, ziplines have quite an interesting history, as well as some unconventional modern-day uses. Read on to find out more!



Who needs the school bus?


In some parts of China, children actually take ziplines to school! In the Maji Township, students use ziplines to cross parts of the Nujiang River. Imagine how these students will one day explain their daily travels to their children, “Back in my day, I had to zipline back and forth to school uphill in the snow - both ways!”


Science is fun!


It wasn’t extreme sports enthusiasts that popularized ziplines. Wildlife biologists were actually the ones who developed ziplines in Costa Rica, because they needed an efficient way of entering and leaving the rainforest without disturbing animals. Or at least, that’s what they told their bosses!


International travel


Ziplines aren’t only capable of taking you from boredom to extreme excitement. They can also be used for international travel! There is a zipline that crosses the Guadiana River that starts in Spain and ends in Portugal. Just don’t forget your passport!


Mama Mia!


The longest zipline in the world is located in Italy and is called ‘Volo dell'angelo’, which translates to ‘flight of the angel’. It measures a whopping 7,260 feet, or 1.38 miles. Even if you don’t think you’re ready to handle a zipline of such a magnitude, we hear the food and wine aren’t half bad in Italy, so it might be worth a trip anyway!


You say what, mate?


Our friends in Australia and New Zealand may share a similar language as us, but we don’t always communicate in exactly the same way. In the land down under, they don’t call them ziplines, but rather ‘flying foxes’. Why the discrepancy? We’re not quite sure, but why worry about titles when you’re surrounded by kangaroos!


So there you have it! Five zipline surprises! Ready for one more? Our brand new,

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