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The summer is getting short and these summer weekends even shorter. The time to play is now. So, if you are available, come to Grafton Illinois this weekend. The City of Grafton has recovered well from the Flood of 2019. The businesses are opened to provide the best entertainment and recreation services in the region.

To celebrate and the reopening of the Grafton Zipline, The Winery at Aerie’s Resort will be providing live entertainment all weekend with a special feature from the Blackwater Revival.

Friday, July 19 2019 | Randy Clemons


Come enjoy the view with a friendly face. Musician Randy Clemons will be playing this Friday afternoon so come enjoy his acoustic classics. He will be playing from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on The Winery deck.     

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Saturday, July 20 2019 | Jim & Carl, Blackwater Revival, Jay & T.J

Back to Back to Back music featuring a once in a lifetime performance by Blackwater Revival. Enjoy brunch while listening to Jim & Carl 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. or maybe some afternoon wine and cheese with Blackwater Revival 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Still not convinced? Come out to see Jay & T.J from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m all while eating a steak dinner and enjoying the breathtaking sunset.

Who are the Blackwater Revivals?

A “Party band for everyone”, the Blackwater Revivals play it all. From R & B to country and rock, your music taste is guaranteed to be satisfied. This group of talented friends will always have you wondering what they will play next.

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Sunday, July 21 2019 | Jonathan Baker

What a better way to end your weekend than with music from Jonathan Baker. Jonathan will be playing on The Winery deck at 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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Zip then sip at Aerie’s Resort. Our 7 zipline course is something to experience. With both the best music and zipline around Aerie’s Resort is a perfect spot for families, friends, or even an adventurous date night. Stop by this weekend, you will be glad that you did.


6 Aerie’s Resort Festivals You Can’t Miss


Summer is usually considered “festival season” for music & food-based events. At Aerie’s Resort, we’ve decided to keep the party rolling ALL year long with locally-focused celebrations of entertainment & libations! Keep reading to discover our 2019 lineup of premiere Aerie’s Resort Festivals that are sure to bring the community together for good times, great food & drinks, & even better company.


1. Aerie’s Summer Festival: June 21st-23rd

Ring in sweet summertime from the bluffs at Aerie’s Summer Fest! We never need an excuse to enjoy award-winning food & drinks… but this event is a great opportunity to do just that. The festival will kick off on Friday, July 19 with live music and entertainment on the winery deck & will keep rocking into the night. Of course, exclusive food & drink specials will be running all weekend as well! Summer Fest is a great opportunity to ride the Grafton SkyTour, indulge in award-winning cuisine, & take in the panoramic sights of “The Best View In The Midwest” while enjoying the company of amazing friends & family.


2. Schlafly Beer Festival: Date Not Set

What better way to celebrate the return of sunshine and good times than with great beer and food? Join us (Date Not Set) to kick off the festivities with our Craft Beer Dinner. This ticketed event will be a unique dining experience led by Schlafly Brew Master, Stephen Hale, and Aerie’s own Chef Jerrick King. While enjoying the culinary excellence of two masters in their craft, guests will discuss the intricacies how beer and food come together to make an amazing meal. Alongside dinner, the festival weekend will also feature live music and food & beer specials on Saturday & Sunday.


3. Aerie’s Craft Beer Festival: August 23rd-25th

Nothing pairs with warm August nights like ice cold brews & great company. Spend the weekend of August 23rd at Aerie’s Craft Beer Festival. The festivities will kick off on Friday night with our Craft Beer Dinner, hosted by Aerie’s Advanced Cicerone for Koerner Distributing, Jim Newton, and Aerie’s own Chef Jerrick King. Guests will enjoy an extensive line of craft beers paired with exquisite dishes that complement the drink selection. The rest of the weekend will be filled with even more craft brews, live entertainment, & exclusive food & drink specials. Representatives from various featured breweries will also be available to speak with guests about their beers & how they’re made. This festival is a great opportunity to mingle with members of the local craft beer community, from the makers to the drinkers of the brews!


4. Aerie’s Wine Festival: November 8th-10th

Though the weather will be cooling down in November, you can stay warm by filling up at Aerie’s Wine Festival! Friday night we’ll host an exclusive Wine Dinner starting at 7pm. The culinary experience will be a collaborative effort among Dude Jones, our on-site Manager & Certified Specialist of Wine for Koerner Distributing, Alex Fisher, Aerie’s Resort Sommelier, & Chef Jerrick King of Aerie’s Resort. The dinner is a one of a kind evening that incorporates the unique connection between the science of the wine making process and the art of creating amazing dishes for pairing. The rest of the weekend will be filled with live entertainment & special pricing on food & wine. Representatives from various vineyards and wine makers will also be in attendance to give our guests an inside look into the world of wine making.


5. Aerie’s Whiskey Festival: November 16th

Who says a festival can’t be one all-day party? Not us, that’s for sure. Our single-day Aerie’s Whiskey Festival will feature live entertainment and unbeatable food & drink specials. Of course, guests will also have the opportunity to sample premiums whiskeys & bourbons, all while learning about the booming industry from the spirit makers who know it best!


6. Aerie’s Holiday Festival: December 6th-8th

Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year at Aerie’s Holiday Festival! Our terrace and winery will be transformed into a Winter Wonderland both inside and out to kick off the holiday season. This whimsical weekend will be jam-packed with live entertainment & goodies for all ages. Enjoy daily visits from Santa Claus & shop unique gifts from over 30 vendors, all among The Best View in the Midwest.

We’re so excited for what this year has in store for all our guests, new & old. To stay updated on the 2019 lineup of Aerie’s Festivals, visit We hope to see you at one, or all, of the upcoming events!

Discover the 2019 lineup of Aerie’s Resort Festivals featuring exclusive food, drink, & entertainment.

4 Benefits of Ziplining

4 Benefits of Ziplining

Aerie’s Resort and Winery offers exciting zipline tours in the St. Louis metro. Enjoy wine and a full menu over “the best view of the midwest” in Grafton, IL.

Five Zipline Surprises

So, you think that you know all that there is to know about ziplines, do you? You know that they go real fast and are a lot of fun, what more is there? Well, as luck would have it, ziplines have quite an interesting history, as well as some unconventional modern-day uses. Read on to find out more!



Who needs the school bus?


In some parts of China, children actually take ziplines to school! In the Maji Township, students use ziplines to cross parts of the Nujiang River. Imagine how these students will one day explain their daily travels to their children, “Back in my day, I had to zipline back and forth to school uphill in the snow - both ways!”


Science is fun!


It wasn’t extreme sports enthusiasts that popularized ziplines. Wildlife biologists were actually the ones who developed ziplines in Costa Rica, because they needed an efficient way of entering and leaving the rainforest without disturbing animals. Or at least, that’s what they told their bosses!


International travel


Ziplines aren’t only capable of taking you from boredom to extreme excitement. They can also be used for international travel! There is a zipline that crosses the Guadiana River that starts in Spain and ends in Portugal. Just don’t forget your passport!


Mama Mia!


The longest zipline in the world is located in Italy and is called ‘Volo dell'angelo’, which translates to ‘flight of the angel’. It measures a whopping 7,260 feet, or 1.38 miles. Even if you don’t think you’re ready to handle a zipline of such a magnitude, we hear the food and wine aren’t half bad in Italy, so it might be worth a trip anyway!


You say what, mate?


Our friends in Australia and New Zealand may share a similar language as us, but we don’t always communicate in exactly the same way. In the land down under, they don’t call them ziplines, but rather ‘flying foxes’. Why the discrepancy? We’re not quite sure, but why worry about titles when you’re surrounded by kangaroos!


So there you have it! Five zipline surprises! Ready for one more? Our brand new,

state-of-the art zipline course is an exhilarating, true canopy tour that takes you soaring through the trees for nearly two miles in total length. Click to schedule your adventure!